29th February 2008

Holden Coupe 60 the star of the 2008 Melbourne motor show

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“Holden’s radical Coupe 60 concept” – Drive

Radical? Putting an even larger V8 in yet another commodore variant more than likely weighing about 2 tonnes – how less radical can you get?

How about a 200KW engine in a car weighing in at about 1300Kgs – now that would be radical.

Posted by: All Torque no Action

Exactly. Ford and Holden are not interested in weight saving. Apparently the only thing important is the number of kW on the badges.
If they are taking a regular GTS and ADDING a bunch of extra shit to it and massive heavy wheels it will probably end up with an extra 100kg of weight.
From memory they actually did have a decent design process with the HRT427 (carbon fibre bits), but since that would cost too much it failed as a business decision. But now it is extra easy for Holden because they can just slap in a yank powerplant, stand back and say wow. “Quick slap a 427 badge on there!”

Nice case study: M3 vs M3 CSL.

M3 power 252 kW
M3 weight 1525 kg

M3 CSL power 265 kW
M3 CSL weight 1385 kg

Thats is how it is done.

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