30th June 2008

Daily Podcast: Off-Topic

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Back when we started the TTAC news blog, I posted an item about the Maine DMV issuing drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. The site took a real beating from our proto-Best and Brightest for entering the realm of partisan politics. Frank Williams and I paused, thought about it, and pressed ahead. As long as a post had something to do with cars, we considered it fair game. Still do. And I’m glad we did. In the last week alone, I’ve read (and enjoyed) dozens of passionate discussions about politics, religion, free speech, foreign policy, economics, energy policy, international trade, sexual morality and much more. ALL of it car-related. All of it respectful. That’s no small point. Although I’ve banned some 300+ commentators from this site and warned hundreds more, I have only deleted two commentaires flambé in the last 14 days. Clearly, we’ve reached a tipping point. We’ve succeeded in creating a safe place for vigorous, car-related debate. As this long hot summer continues, as the U.S. car industry undergoes paroxysms of change, I commend our Best and Brightest for keeping it real, keeping it civil and keeping us– all of us– entertained. Thanks.

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