30th June 2008

TTAC Called It: Toyota to Hike Prices

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First, this was an easy call. Commodity costs have jumped significantly in the last year, eating into Toyota’s– and everyone else’s– profits. Second, as the new world leader, ToMoCo is best positioned to pass on those costs. Quoted by Automotive News [sub] CEO Carlos Ghosn admitted as much. “It’s very, very difficult to move in a market without somehow the leader of the market (making a) move.” Third, you gotta read between the lines here. “Our basic principle is to continue to work on cost reductions within the company first,” said Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco. “But we won’t be able to avoid thinking about price hikes in the future considering a recent jump in raw materials costs.” How… inscrutable. As I reported in General Motors Death Watch 182, here’s real deal: Toyota wants to see what happens to the other guys– specifically GM– before upping its profits. “We’ll make a final decision after evaluating April-June sales and production costs,” a “top Toyota official” told The Nikkei business daily. 

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