31st July 2008

Daily Podcast: A Pom-Pom Free Zone

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I’ve been exceptionally busy on the flame-suppression front. This week, I’ve removed dozens of offensive comments, and banned more than a few unruly malcontents from our door. I’m not surprised. It’s a painful time for anyone who had faith in the domestic automakers. The bad news coming from Detroit is coming fast and it makes them furious. At us. But a lot of the boneless chickens we’ve identified here over the last four years– giving credit to anyone with a pulse, bad branding, lousy product decisions, and on and on– are coming home to roost. Truth to tell, it’s also a good time for TTAC. Our visitor numbers are up. Nothing rad. Just the same organic growth. Which is fine by me. It means we’re building a solid base of readers who “get it.” And to this group I promise more solid journalistic work like Samir Syed’s excellent interview with CAW leader Buzz Hargrove. We’re limited by finances, but wherever we can, we will break news. Meanwhile, we, like you, watch the scene with an increasing sense of foreboding. Through it all, we’ll be here, telling the truth about cars. 

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