31st July 2008

GM Pays Oshawa Workers Even After Plant Closes

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After accusations of “betrayal,” blockades by the Canadian Autoworkers union, threats of lawsuits against the union and sops tossed to the union, GM is moving ahead with plans to close their truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario. However, it looks like it’ll cost them a bit more than they’d anticipated. The Globe and Mail reports GM and the CAW have struck a deal whereby GM will add another model to the mix produced at the auto assembly plant there. Oh, and pay some workers for four years after the plant closes. The complete details of the deal will be announced to workers later today, but it includes paychecks for laid-off workers with 26 years seniority for four more years at 65 percent of their current wages. That makes them eligible for “a special retirement incentive applicable to people with 30 years of experience.” Workers with 27 to 30 years would also be paid until they reach the 30-year mark. In return, GM gets to keep building cars in the most expensive location in North America. Such a deal!

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