31st August 2008

Should we be forced to buy pedestrian-safe cars?

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It seems the blog subject has changed somewhat from Pedestrian Safety to motorcycle safety. Anyway, on that last point, i do not agree with the comments made by E=mc2 – “I believe a simple roll bar. side impact bar and lap belt system could be designed in a way that have mimimal to no impact on the bikes performance, but the safety improvement would enormous.”

Now im not a motorcycle rider, but i see the suggestions as being potentially more dangerous. A roll bar ?… i’ve not seen a bike roll as such, the tend to drop onto their sides. A side impact bar ?… either dropped onto their side or hit side-on by another vehicle the potential is there to trap the riders leg/s. Lap belt ?… I’ve seen a number of bike accidents (admittedly bike races on TV), but i always see the bike travelling a lot further than the rider. To have the rider strapped onto the bike by way of lap belt or trapped by way of side impact bars to me would create way more horrific injuries to the riders than they are already subject to..
“What about when you buy a car? Do you take pedestrian safety into consideration, or is it the furthest thing from your mind? Perhaps we have a social responsibility to buy pedestrian-safe cars given, as Scruby points out, the population is getting older and more inclined to walk in front of our cars.”

Pedestrian safe cars – in my opinion there isnt such a thing. Your car can have the latest in everything imaginable, but at some point in time, a pedestrian will be killed – a 1 tonne (or more) vehicle versus 50 – 100 kilo person.. bottom line we as pedestrians (and we all are at some stage of the day) need to take more care and be accountable for our own actions – regardless of age.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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