31st October 2008

TG Live: first night

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So Top Gear live kicked off last night at Earl’s Court in London – the first show in a world tour with all the swagger of a stadium rock band, but more cars.

After a suitably dramatic pyrotechnic build up and a bit of cocking about backstage, Jeremy was first into the arena – sideways in the Top Gear-tuned BMW 3-series the boys used in the Britcar 24hr race a couple of series ago.

James made a typically leisurely entrance in his homemade Lexus police car followed by Hammond pulling half the set down with his stretched MG limo.

What followed was like the telly show on some mentalist big stage trip – lots of awesome cars precision choreographed using every inch of the arena for J-turns and powerslides. Like a day at the TG test track really, but in front of 6,000 people. And, amazingly, no crashes.

Stig’s entrance was typically sideways in a red F430 – a moment only upstaged by Richard’s terrifying tribute to Evel Knievel. Well, terrifying’s one word for it. We’ll try to track down some video for that over the next week or so and you’ll see what we mean.

Then something amazing happened – a genuinely democratic moment with the Cool Wall. The audience voted using cards and Jeremy only vetoed, well, all of them. But at least he let the audience drive our reasonably priced car – every single one of them – using some complicated computer trickery and some coloured pieces of card. We’ll leave you to ponder that.

Next up, dancers, drums, a parade of supercars and a donutting black cab (really) built us up to a finale that had us all worried in dress rehearsals – Stig doing battle with two motocross bikes and a flame-spitting dragon-robot thing that properly shocked the audience.

Anyway, the tour continues in the capital until November and the up to Birmingham before setting off literally around the world, so we’ll hold fire on any more spoilers for now.

If you want tickets check out the Top Gear Live website, but be warned London’s sold out already. If you can’t make it, we’ll be posting pics and backstage gossip here on Transmission – and hopefully a bit of video too.

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