31st October 2008

Toyota US truck exports

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Toyota US truck exports

31st October 2008 10:38

I see Toyota is going to start US exports of some of its US-made trucks. They’re not exactly what you would define as ‘world vehicles’ but it’s not too surprising that the firm is looking to leave no stone unturned in finding customers for the things – which aren’t exactly hot sellers in the US right now. The Middle East and South America are being targeted for them. The Middle East is still awash with money and customers for big SUVs, despite the recent collapse in the price of oil.

And the cheap dollar makes exporting out of the US more attractive, too.

In fact, with places like China, India and now even Russia cooling off, maybe automakers will be taking a closer look at other places. ASEAN springs to mind. 

Is there going to be a ’hard landing’ in some of the BRICs? Have they risen too far, too fast and are therefore a little more vulnerable/risky than some other places right now? 

US: Toyota to start truck, SUV, exports

ANALYSIS: ASEAN top six up 19.2%

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