31st December 2008

Nissan 350Z Pricing Now Available

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Figuring many TTAC readers would be interested, I input pricing for the new 370Z into TrueDelta’s pricing database the day it was released. Since TTAC licenses this information, this site is about the only place you can already configure the new, 332-horsepower 370Z. Media reports suggest that the new car handles better and has a nicer interior than the less compact, slightly heavier 350Z. Compared to the 2008, the base price is up $1,425, to $30,625 (the $30,000 figure you’ll read elsewhere ingores destination). BUT the new car has airbags, stability control, and a few other features as additional standard equipment. Adjust for these, and the 2009 is actually priced a bit lower than the 2008. The more agile Mazda RX-8 runs about $3,500 less, but no doubt most people will opt for the much more powerful Nissan when choosing between these cars. When both cars are loaded up, the related Infiniti G37 coupe runs about $3,800 more than the 370Z. But adjust for the Infiniti’s additional content (sunroof, additional power seat adjustments, etc.) and the difference is close to zero.

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