28th February 2009

Poll: Americans Skeptical of More Aid for U.S. Automakers

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According to a Gallup poll released yesterday, 72% of Americans think giving GM and Chrysler another $21 billion is a bad idea. The two automakers have already received about $17 billion in government loans.

Breaking opinions down by political views, Democrats favor additional support more than Republicans. Still, the majority of both groups says “no” to more money. Surprisingly, Midwestern folk (where many of the Big Three factories remain) are as down on additional bailouts as are other regions of the country.

The reduced support for more aid may have to do with the idea that the companies won’t survive, even with a handout. Only 51% of Americans believed that all of the Big Three would survive – that’s down 6% from just mid-December – according to Gallup.

This week, Chrysler and GM officials met with President Barack Obama’s newly formed auto task force to discuss whether they will get more money, or if they should declare bankruptcy down the line. Should the task force follow public opinion, Chrysler and GM may be left to their own devices in the near future.

Americans Reject Sequel to Auto Bailout (Gallup)

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