30th April 2009


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29th April 2009 17:37

I’m a sucker for a good analogy, or even a bad one that is at least amusing. Mr Bursa has delivered a new moniker for Fiat Group’s CEO ahead of what could be a Big Day for him and Chrysler. Yes folks, SuperSergio could be a¬†busy fellow tomorrow. He certainly talks a good game and has apparently impressed Obama – arguably another superhero. SS¬†is seen in the industry as a turnaround expert who did good things at Fiat.¬†Some say he takes his cue from Carlos Ghosn.

The latter likes to move the game along and keep momentum by adding new bits of jigsaw to the alliance – and then harvest the low-hanging fruit¬†by applying tried and tested industrial¬†lessons and cost-saving solutions.¬†It can also divert attention and¬†play well politically. Is Fiat coming off the rails again (it’s a very heavily indebted company and has just chalked up the first loss since 2004)? If it is, that might well be yesterday’s story when another alliance¬†strategy starts to unfold tomorrow.

Chrysler quick rinse in Chapter 11 to start?

ANALYSIS: SuperSergio to the rescue

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