30th June 2009

Aston Martin to rebadge Toyota iQ

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We checked the calendar, but it’s not saying April 1.

Reports from Europe suggest Aston Martin will use the Toyota iQ to produce a city car.

Aston Martin has apparently released this photo of an iQ, with the nose restyled to take the signature Aston Martin shark maw.

This is said to be just a concept car. However some reports suggest it could go on sale next year. Some pundits believe it will only be offered to current Aston owners at first, and then to the rest of the public. A lot of whom could be killed in the crush to get an Aston Martin badge in the garage for an estimated 23,000 euro – about $50,000.

The addition of a car like the Cygnet to the famed British range would reduce its overall emissions ratings. And in a world that’s leaning more towards that goal, this story could well be true.








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