30th November 2009

Mind control at LA show

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Mind control will drive the cars of tomorrow.

Forget voice activation, in another 20 years cars will use mind control to turn on things like the indicators, adjust the radio volume or move the seat. If that’s not crazy enough, some cars will imprint your genetic DNA to become a part of you.

Others will use high-tech polymers that change a car’s shape and colour to accommodate the driver’s needs. These far-out sci-fi ideas are being presented as part of the Design Challenge at this week’s Los Angeles Motor Show.

Called Youthmobile 2030, this year’s challenge has attracted more than 30 young designers who have cut loose to create what they think we’ll be driving in 2030. Youthmobile 2030 snared gifted young designers from Audi, Honda, General Motors, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

Technology is a key component of the Youthmobile 2030 cars so the concepts connect with a new car buying generation aged between 16 and 23 raised on mobile phones, web cams and on-line communities.

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