30th March 2010

2011 Nissan Leaf: Pricing, Purchase Options Released

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Just the Facts:

  • Nissan released full details on pricing and equipment options for its 2011 Leaf.
  • With a pre-tax credit MSRP of $32,780, the Leaf will be available for purchase or lease.
  • Leasing a Leaf will require a $1,999 down payment, and cost $349 per month.

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Nissan released full details today on pricing and equipment options for its 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car. Available as a traditional purchase or three-year lease, the Leaf will be priced at $32,780 without delivery fees, which have not yet been announced.

But the Leaf’s starting MSRP is before the federal tax credit, which could bring the price down $7,500, to $25,280. Plus, certain states are eligible for additional credits. Of course, buyers will need to consider the cost of installing a home charging dock, which Nissan estimates will cost $2,200 before a 50-percent tax credit.

Leasing a 2011 Leaf will require a $1,999 down payment, plus $349 per month, prior to the cost of the charging dock. As the lessor and therefore actual owner of the Leaf, Nissan receives the applicable tax credits, factoring the savings into the customer’s monthly payments.

Available in two trim levels, standard SV and uplevel SL, all Leaf SVs will come with navigation, remote start and remote charging operated through a smart phone app or laptop computer, LED headlamps, Bluetooth, Intelligent Key, vehicle dynamic control, traction control, six airbags, XM Satellite Radio and 3 years roadside assistance.

For an additional $940, the SL trim adds a rearview camera, solar panel spoiler which provides a trickle charge, cargo cover, auto headlamps and foglights.

Nissan says more than 80,000 “hand-raisers” have already registered on the Leaf’s dedicated Web site to show interest in the electric car. On April 20, all registrees will have three weeks to make a purchase reservation for a refundable $99 fee. On May 15, Nissan will open up the purchase reservation process to the general public.

Confirmed buyers will eventually be able to place official orders through the Nissan dealer of their choice, provided the dealer has already completed the mandatory Leaf certification process, which is open to the entire Nissan dealer network.

Leafs are expected to begin arriving in dealerships in December. Nissan says it currently has a global capacity to build 50,000 units for the first two years, with plans to increase production substantially in 2013.

Inside Line says: Buy or lease: Nissan plots out a Leaf purchase program to appeal to the masses, even if the idea of an electric car may not. — Kelly Toepke, News Editor

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