31st October 2010

Bentley to diversify Continental line-up

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It’s kind of amazing how Bentley has managed to stay on top of its game despite having only one model to work with: the Continental. Sure, the Mulsanne has come and arrived, but for the longest time Bentley was a one-model company. That is if you don’t include the number of alliterations the Continental has come in.

According to Autocar, now that the 2011 Continental GT is here, the boys at Bentley have bigger plans for the new model.

To diversify the new Continetal model, Bentley is looking into following in the blue print Porsche has constructed with the 911. That means different variants of the model offered in different derivatives, including special editions.

For their part, Bentley is looking at keeping interest in the brand and keeping drastic sales fluctuations at a minimum, thus the intention of spreading the brand’s volume more evenly than in the past. “We’ve learned that we need to smooth fluctuations,” said Bentley marketing chief Aladair Stewart.

The move is expected to bolster sales of the brand and keep its line-up fresh. There’s something to be said about the formula Porsche uses with the 911. Now, Bentley is looking to follow suit with the new Continental.

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