30th November 2010

Car Accident Claims

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The number of compensation claims being made for car accidents is on the increase; a simple Google search for “Car accident claims UK” should demonstrate that. The reason for this is not an increase in the number of accidents on the roads – in fact, the latest data show that car accidents are down from last year – but rather, people’s increasing awareness that they are entitled to make such a compensation claim following an accident which is not their fault. In recent years, many no win, no fee solicitors’ firms have sprung up. Many see this as a bad thing, that will waste courts’ time with vexatious claims; however, these firms provide a valuable service in ensuring that people are able to make a claim for the compensation they deserve where they otherwise, perhaps, wouldn’t.

It is possible to do this through a no win, no fee solicitors’ firms. It is highly likely that you, the reader, will have seen one advertised, whether on television or on the Internet, already today. The reason for this huge growth in recent years is the profitability of the no win, no fee business model. All costs in these cases are recovered from the other side, meaning that one who wishes to make a claim for an accident can. Often, people are hesitant to take legal action, even when it is completely justified, as they feel they are unable to afford the court costs; this situation is clearly absurd, and not a representation of justice. In a no win, no fee trial, all costs are recovered from the other side, so anyone is able to make a claim; it will not cost them anything.

            Because of this, recent years have seen a huge surge in the number of people making accident claims. Many see this as a bad thing; however, it is difficult to see what is bad about people finally being able to stand up for themselves in court against those who have wronged them.

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