29th February 2012

Japan Through an iPhone – One

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I’ve been home for a week now, dealing first with jetlag and now a pesky cold that was probably brought on by a lack of sleep. Fantastic.

Anyway, while in Japan I shot a massive number of photos with my iPhone. The 7d got troublesome to lug around all the time, so I ended up relying on the good old cell phone cam quite a bit.

Here’s the first batch of iPhone photos I selected randomly. I don’t think the results are all too bad really.

Used bikes for sale at Up Garage in Tsukuba.

Snow. Shot through the Shinkansen window somewhere near Gifu.

Crown spotted outside the yakiniku place.

Shinjuku on a rainy night. SO Blade Runner.

Osaka’s famous Glico dude.


BRZ at the Subaru Showroom in Shinjuku.

Damp Yamanote-sen.

Partying outside of Universal Studios Japan.

Will upload more when I have some time.


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