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  • Chrysler commits $3M in light-rail funding after Dime Building conference

30th April 2012

Chrysler commits $3M in light-rail funding after Dime Building conference

Chrysler is giving $3 million for the privately backed Woodward Avenue light-rail project, known as M-1 Rail, agreeing to sponsor of one of the stations on the 3.3-mile route from downtown Detroit to New Center.

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30th April 2012

GMC + RV = mountain of sales

Drivers passing by Greg Holman’s GMC dealership outside Cincinnati likely can’t help but notice the four-story mountain of boulders strewn with more than a dozen pickups and SUVs.

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30th April 2012

Wall of Fame induction ceremony at Heart O’ Texas Speedway

2012 Wall of Fame inductees.

By Don Cook
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Heart O’ Texas Speedway (Waco)
April 29 (Sunday)

Heart O’ Texas Speedway held their third annual Wall of Fame induction ceremony Sunday afternoon. Ten new members were added to the wall.

This year’s inductees were: Harold McCain, Jack Bagby, Leon Wilson, George Green, Tom Daniel, Elmer Shepperd, Bob Tilwell, Jerry Rogers, Don Ewing and Leon Brown.

A special thanks from the racing fans to all the people and businesses, especially Tommy and Joe Armstrong, for putting this together.

Harold McCain and J.T. Carpenter.

Shadetree Engineering No. 11.

Keith McCain trophy.

Lots of racing history was there for the fans.

J.T. “Pappy” Carpenter, a 2010 inductee, turned 99 years old.

A few of the Jack Bagby family members.

A nice crowd was on hand for the ceremony.

Heart O’ Texas Wall of Fame Palvillion

To view a video of the ceremony, click below:

For more information on the Wall of Fame and Heart O’ Texas Speedway, go to: www.heartotexspeedway.com

To view some photos from the Wall of Fame ceremony, click below: 


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30th April 2012

Mitusbishi Mirage: Yes For Canada, Maybe For America

Looks like I have my work cut out for me yet again; the new Mitsubishi Mirage will be coming to Canada, but Mitsubishi may not bring their new small car to the United States. Yes, I’ll take time to review it.

According to Automotive News, money is tight at Mitsubishi, and the new Outlander will take priority over the diminutive Mirage, with Mitsubishi spokesman Roger Yasukawa telling AN

“Our concern from a timing standpoint is that with the Outlander coming out next year, not too far from a possible launch of the [Mirage], we have to really think about resources,”

The Mirage is also on the small side for American tastes – about the size of a Chevrolet Spark, and even shorter than the Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio hatchback. Built in Thailand, the Mirage is meant to be basic transportation designed to give Mitsubishi a foothold in fast-growing Southeast Asian markets. Pricing would have to be rock bottom for it to sell in America, but if it costs too little, dealers may not make any money on the car.

The Mirage should do reasonably well in Canada, where small, affordable cars are always a hit. The province of Quebec in particular should be a big market for the Mirage. Hyundai Canada used to sell 50 percent of their Accents in Quebec alone (when the car could be had for under $10,000 brand new) – but the Mirage’s CVT-only configuration may not go over well in la belle province, where anecdotal evidence gleaned from walking the streets of Montreal suggests that buyers heavily favor manual transmissions in their compact cars, even in the hilly, narrow stop-and-go streets of Montreal and Quebec City.


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30th April 2012

Opel-Vauxhall to reveal Mini rival’s name

The TRIXX was a concept at the 2004 Geneva show

Its launch at the Paris motor show might be over five months away, but Opel and Vauxhall are set to announce the model name for Project GM4403.

A source at Vauxhall has told me that Tuesday 8th May is the date when all will be revealed. Will it be ‘Junior’? Will it be ‘Allegra’? Or might it even be ‘TRIXX’?

I recently spoke to Rita Forst, Opel-Vauxhall’s head of Engineering, and pressed her for details about the Junior project. If you missed the interview, you’ll find it here.

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29th April 2012

Manufacturing Troubles Remain a Drag on Recovery, Trade & Jobs

via The Seattle Times

by Jon Talton

Top of the News: The Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index seems consistent with recovery, coming in at 53.6 for November; any number above 50 signifies expansion in the sector. Unfortunately, the reading sagged from 55.7 the month before, tripping up what economists had hoped would be a steady climb out of recession.

A deeper look shows that the index provides no relief for the biggest immediate problem facing Americans, unemployment. Only six of 18 manufacturing industries reported growth in employment. Only 11.7 million Americans worked manufacturing as of October. That compares with 17.3 million in October 1999.

Not only do manufacturing jobs pay better than their counterparts in service industries, they tend to add real value to economic activity (as opposed to selling mortgage swindles). They are also twined with our trade issues. Even fewer manufacturing jobs are now in industries that export, a key part of our huge manufacturing trade deficit.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon was happening even before the Great Recession. A report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that manufacturing employment between 1965 and 2000 never dipped below 16.5 million. This even as manufacturing shrank as a share of the economy (take out Boeing and it would be much smaller). This changed as imports surged after China joined the WTO and other Asian factory centers upped their game. By 2004, the number was lower than any time since 1950.

“It is often claimed that declines in manufacturing employment stem entirely from productivity growth,” according to EPI economist L. Josh Bivens. “However, rapid productivity growth is the norm, not the exception, in manufacturing. What is new about the manufacturing job crisis of the last four years is the sharp downturn in the ratio of domestic production to demand.”

Indeed, American steelmakers are shrinking yet again.

The Back Story: The official unemployment rate including discouraged workers and part-timers seeking full-time work is 17.5 percent. But Shadow Government Statistics, a provocative and reliable site, argues even this underestimates the problem. Try…22 percent.

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